LUV Mail

As an added service to our customers.  Community Title Agency, Inc. (CTA) offers LUV E-mail.  Who doesn't like to get LUV mail?  What is LUV mail?  It is a service whereby the loan officer, processor, realtor and the customer will be updated via e-mail at a various times during the loan process.  It's a great way to keep everyone informed without playing phone tag.

  1. Receipt of order - an e-mail will be sent giving you CTA's order number and advising you that the search and survey, if required, has been ordered.

  2. Receipt of search - you will know when CTA receives the search notes, when to expect a commitment to be issued and any possible complications. 

  3. Survey - when the survey has been received and possible  encroachments.

  4. Commitment issued - when the commitment has been issued.

  5. Closing scheduled - when  and where the closing scheduled by CTA along with any instructions for borrowers.

  6. Filing of Documents - advising when docs are filed with a follow-up facades time-stamped copy being sent to the loan processor.

If this is a service you would like to take advantage of, just provide us with the recipients e-mail address.


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